Iguodala Likely to Continue Same Role

After becoming the first player in Finals history to be named MVP without starting every game, it was revealed this week by head coach Steve Kerr that Andre Iguodala will likely continue coming off the bench next season for the Warriors.

While he isn’t playing in the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament, Kerr is visiting Edgewood Tahoe for the festivities. Amongst other comments, Kerr said jokingly, “I saw him at the postgame party in Cleveland, went up and said, ‘Congrats, MVP, you were incredible, what a job. And you’re going back to the bench next year. And he laughed. And I laughed. Obviously kind of a joke.

All joking aside, you have to wonder what coach is going to do with shifting his starting 5, if there is any shifting at all. The league will likely start to become privy to the style of basketball Kerr, and the Warriors run in order to combat it. We could see a sort of transformation competing against the Dubs like we did the year after the NFL discovered who Colin Kaepernick was.

When it came time for serious comments, Kerr spoke frankly by saying, “But I don’t anticipate changing anything. We won 67 games with the group that we had. And we’ve got our core back, just about everybody’s back. And more than likely we’ll play it the same way. But you never know how things go. We’ll see. But the good thing is we’re capable of playing a lot of different ways with a lot of different combinations, as we showed throughout the season.”

You might remember entering the 2014-15 season, Iguodala was a perennial starter, playing 758 games in his career and starting them all. Kerr made clear the role he wanted the forward to play from the beginning. Similar to David Lee, Andre remained a consummate professional, played his role, and did his job when called upon. Things started to get tight for the Warriors against LeBron & Co during the Finals when he was called up to be a starter in Game 4. From that point on Iguodala went on to collect an average of 16.3 points, 4.0 assists, 5.8 rebounds and the rest is history.

How does Andre feel about coming off the bench next season with his MVP performance still fresh in everyone’s memory?

Remember that old MTV show Punk’d?

Iguodala got everybody going this week with a series of tweets that only further cement how important he is to this team in terms of his character. When he discovered this article from the San Jose Mercury News, he had a few choice comments of his own:

He allowed it to simmer for about a minute or so then continued:

How could anyone not want this man on their team?


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