Clarence Goodson Edging Toward Return but Won’t ‘Rush’

It’s been a while since Clarence Goodson has stepped on the field during a MLS game—July 11 to be exact.

Last summer, the veteran center back was sidelined by a toe injury, and now he’s working his way back from a foot problem. According to Dominic Kinnear, the head coach of the San Jose Earthquakes, Goodson is getting close.

“He looked pretty good today,” said Kinnear after the team’s training on Thursday. “He played. So, that’s better than not playing. He seems to be progressing pretty good.”

Goodson is now able to practice on back-to-back days, but neither the coach nor the player would commit to a target date for his return to action. Goodson said he was able to play in the majority of the club’s preseason games, but he’s still can’t put together a full 90 minutes.

“I’m trying to get to the point where I can make it through a whole game and my foot’s not a problem anymore. I’m not trying to rush anything because…”

He learned that lesson last season.

“Of course, there’s pressure. There’s pressure to get back on myself,” said Goodson. “There’s obviously games that I don’t want to miss, but at the same time, if I come back too soon like I tried last year, you know, I end up missing more and more games. So, it’s counter-productive. So, it’s tough in the short term, but in the long run it’s really the right decision.”

Still, after so much time out, Goodson would love to be back in the mix.

“Of course, it’s frustrating,” said Goodson of being on the shelf. “I mean, injuries suck.”

Unfortunately, that’s “the nature of the beast.”

“It’s a very difficult thing. It’s one of those things, you know, where you’re injured you actually put more work in, perhaps, than when you’re playing all the time. People don’t see that or recognize that, but that’s kind of the nature of the beast. The nature of being injured. It’s very difficult, mentally to be able to climb over those hurdles and keep progressing.”

“It’s one of those things that is necessary if you want to be successful in this game. How do you deal with those things? The highs and lows.”


Listen to the full interview with Goodson below:


Listen to Kinnear discuss the progress of Goodson among other topics:

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