Giants Preview: Heston To Start Final Game of Regular Season

Many things are up in the air for the San Francisco Giants and today, Manager Bruce Bochy, was able to clarify some things. For the season finale of the regular season at AT&T Park, Bochy announced that rookie, Chris Heston (0-0, 0.00 ERA) will start tomorrow. Heston has made two appearances for the Giants and was promoted from Triple-A Fresno on September 2nd. “This will be good for this kid, he has had a good year in Fresno and I’ve been wanting to take a better look at him,” said Bochy, “I know it’s been awhile since he’s had a lot of time on the mound but he’ll have the start.” Heston will be facing San Diego Padres’ starter, Robbie Erlin (4-4, 4.53 ERA). This would have looked different if the last two games of the season meant something, like a chance at playing the Wild Card game at home, and we would have seen Tim Lincecum on the mound for the start tomorrow. But not to worry, fans will see Lincecum pitch sometime today or tomorrow. A big difference in the line up for today’s game is that many of the fan favorites are not starting. This includes Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey, and Gregor Blanco. Bochy said that at this time of the year, a break was needed. And no, Pence didn’t handcuff himself to right field.
“Pence is taking the day, which I think is a good idea and I think he agrees,” said Bochy, “These guys have been pushing hard and with a day game after a night game, they could use a break. Posey getting another day, Blanco’s hamstring is a bit tight, Sandoval and Pence just need a day.” This gives the Giants an opportunity to take a look at some of the young players that have not gotten much playing time as the time to make a Wild Card roster is coming. For the fans, Bochy hopes they understand why their favorites aren’t in. “Hopefully the fans understand and they want to see favorite players. I was a kid once and I know I wanted to come out and see my guys but they needed a break,” continued Bochy, “This will hopefully serve them well and most of them will be out there tomorrow before we hit the road.” For today’s game, Jake Peavy (6-4, 2.20 ERA) will make the start after being under the weather the past few days. Bochy is planning to hopefully keep it easy and will keep a close eye on his starter. Looking forward, the Giants’ focus has shifted some to the Wild Card game on Wednesday. It’s still up in the air on where the Giants will be playing but we do know it won’t be at home. The Giants will play either the St. Louis Cardinals or the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are just one game behind the Cardinals for the NL Central championship. The Giants will play the runner up of the NL Central. When asked if he had a preference on which team they would play on Wednesday… “I don’t have a preference on which team, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.”  
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