Vogelsong Earns 13th Loss of Season

The San Francisco Giants (86-74) clinched a Wild Card spot officially yesterday afternoon after a Milwaukee Brewers’ loss with only one question left to answer… Where is this game going to be played? With a Pittsburgh Pirates win tonight, the Giants’ backs were suddenly against the wall and were fighting for the home field advantage in the Wild Card game. The second game in the final homestand against the San Diego Padres became a must win situation in order to secure home field advantage. Unfortunately for the Giants, they were unable to get hits together against a solid Ian Kennedy (13-13, 3.63 ERA), who had 95 pitches over seven innings and gave up four hits, one run, two walks and six strikeouts. The only run for the Giants came in the second inning off of a Brandon Crawford sacrifice fly to score Brandon Belt. Starting pitcher, Ryan Vogelsong (8-13, 4.00 ERA), did a decent job keeping the Giants in the game through five innings. However, rough waters struck Vogelsong in the sixth after a Jedd Gyorko double and Yasmani Grandal walk, ultimately giving up an additional three runs and earning his 13th loss of the season in a final of 4-1. Vogelsong pitched a little over five innings and gave up six hits, four runs, three earned runs, two walks and five strikeouts over 88 pitches. When asked about tonight’s performance and what went wrong, a solemn Vogelsong simply said, “I blew it. This may have been my last home game here and I blew it.” After the post season, Vogelsong will return to being a free agent and made it clear that wherever he signs, money isn’t all that matters.
“I don’t play for the money, I play because I love the game,” said Vogelsong, “The fact that I get the ball every five days to pitch gives me the satisfaction I need.” The Giants now face an uncertain future of where their Wild Card game will be played. If one were to place a bet on the location, it most likely would be Pittsburgh. But baseball has shown time and time again that anything can happen; so don’t count out St. Louis just yet. Before tonight’s game, the Giants announced the 2014 Willie Mac Award winner and the team voted for starting pitcher, Madison Bumgarner. “It’s an honor that the team and coaches gave me this award,” said Bumgarner, “I just found out when I got here today that I received it and was honored.” Bumgarner is currently slated to start the Wild Card game next Wednesday. Tomorrow, Jake Peavy (6-4, 2.20 ERA) takes the mound against Padres’ lefty, Eric Stults (8-17, 4.42 ERA). First pitch is at 1:05pm.
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