Harbaugh Provides Injury Updates on Ward And Davis, Offers Boldin a ‘Medieval’ Compliment

Rookie Jimmie Ward did not suffer a concussion in the San Francisco 49ers season opener, as head coach Jim Harbaugh explained in a press conference on Wednesday.

As Harbaugh noted, Ward got his helmet knocked off and had to exit the game so he could be checked by the team’s doctors.

“They went through the testing and they determined that he did not sustain a concussion.”

When asked about Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde and how carries will be split up moving forward, Harbaugh admitted that the game plan will be “fluid,” but didn’t feel like sharing any other details.

“Not that we talk about. Not that we ever describe how they’re going to be used. How often and it what form or fashion.”

Harbaugh also declined to provide specifics about whether Alex Boone, who missed out on the entire preseason and offseason, will get the start against the Chicago Bears.

“We’ll make that decision as the week goes on. And we might have already made it. But again, we don’t need to give that information out.”

According to Harbaugh, right tackled Anthony Davis, who missed out on the preseason as well as Week 1, won’t practice on Wednesday. However, he noted that his absence from the practice fields doesn’t necessarily mean he’s still dealing with a health problem.

“Not always. Not always.”

Harbaugh also offered some praise for veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who hauled in nine passes for 99 yards, in the openers in Dallas.

“I have a new word for him, it’s stalwart.”


“I know there’s a lot of definitions of the medieval term, but I like all the definitions. I like all the words that define stalwart. “


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