Fresno State Football Practice Notes (8/2/14)

The Fresno State football team was back in action for the first practice of fall camp on Saturday. Day one, which took place in helmets only per NCAA rules, was more of a chance for the guys to get back into the swing of things.

Head coach Tim DeRuyter liked the energy but wasn’t completely pleased.  “It  was your typical first day of fall camp, a lot of enthusiasm but a little sloppy,”  said DeRuyter.   “I like the leadership from our older guys, we’re making progress but we got a long way to go,” added the coach.

Speaking on the battle at quarterback, DeRuyter said, “I like how Brian (Burrell) commanded the field, you know Zack (Greenlee) did some good things out here, I think he’s improved, especially throwing the ball. Brandon Connette I think is going to be a really really good addition and you know, further that competition.”

All three Bulldog signal callers took turns under center. Although the first day of practice is the tiniest of sample sizes,  all three quarterbacks did a nice job of putting the ball on the receivers.

Saturday session was more of a feeling out period and it is tough to take anything away from a practice where the players weren’t wearing full pads and not facing a defense.

While both fans and members of the media may not be able to take much away from Saturday’s practice in terms of how the team is going to look in 2014, it’s a start.