Three-Team Trade Lands Mark Trumbo With Diamondbacks, Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago With Angels

ONTARIO, FL – It was a 30 hour rally, but at the end three General Managers made possibly the biggest trade of the off-season thus far. The Los Angeles Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Chicago White Sox combined to trade five players.

OF Adam Eaton from Diamondbacks to White Sox

RHP Hector Santiago from White Sox to Angels

LHP Tyler Skaggs from Diamondbacks to Angels

1B/OF Mark Trumbo from Angels to Diamondbacks

PTBNL from Angels to Diamondbacks



Adam Eaton, 25, will now be an aggressive, speedy, outfielder for the White Sox. Eaton is exactly what Chicago was looking for, and is young enough to stick with the team for a very long time. Eaton was injured part of last season, but still managed to have a .647 OPS, and hit 17 extra base hits in 250 at bats.

Hector Santiago, 25, is a hidden gem in the league. Santiago is not talked about much, but managed a 3.33 earned-run-average last season with a 10+ strikeout per nine putting him in the top 10 in the American League. Nothing official yet, but it sounds like Santiago could be the fourth pitcher in the Angels rotation next year.

Tyler Skaggs, 22, seems to be a favorite of Jerry Dipoto. While the GM of the DBacks, Dipoto traded for Skaggs from the Angels, and now, brings him back. Skaggs is a high end prospect that could develop in to a three-man in the rotation but will probably be used as a four or five starter next campaign for the Angels.

Mark Trumbo, 27, is one of the games most elite power hitters. The Diamondbacks were looking for a power bat on the right side of the plate and found it with Trumbo. Trumbo has hit 95 home runs over the past three seasons with the Angels.



The Angels picked up the two starting pitcher they were looking for and opened up $3 million to their pockets. This gives the Angels $18 million to spend towards next season, which they will probably use to pick up another starting pitcher, or as brought up by Jerry Dipoto, a unique 30 home run, 100 RBI bat.

The Diamondbacks got their big bat, and they will use it to support Paul Goldschmidt. No marine layer in Arizona means balls will travel further in a smaller park, which could mean 40-50 home runs for Trumbo this next season. A lot of people don’t like power hitters because of the strikeouts but you have to remember, home runs equals runs, you can’t win if you don’t score.

The White Sox seemed to get the quiet end of the deal, and secretly got away with a one for one deal of Santiago for Eaton. The White Sox have the pitching prospects to replace Santiago, but needed a sound defensive center fielder, which is what they got, so a no loss situation for them.


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