Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks Unveil New Jerseys For 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks unveiling the jerseys they’ll be wearing at Dodger Stadium for the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series, today, December 3rd, 2013.

The Kings jerseys will be silver, with a crested crown on the front of the jersey with black shouldering and a white neck collar. The jersey has three white trimmed, black additions to the jerseys. One on each forearm, and one at the bottom of the jersey. The numbers are black with white trim as well as the lettering of each players name.

The Ducks jerseys are bright orange with the gold “D” logo on the front of the jersey. The jersey has a black line down the ribcage, and has a gold, white, black trim on the elbows. The numbers and lettering of each players name are black with white trim.

Both jerseys have chrome-treated team logos that designed for two specific reasons. The first being for the athletes, in which the technology creates a lighter jersey to enhance performance. The second is to create a high-resolution image and display that is more visable to the human eye.

Both jerseys also have larger letters on name plates of each players. Numbers have also been enlarged so that they will be more visable for the fans in a larger audience, as well as the sleeve numbers will be angled accordingly to be seen at a better angle.

“We are very satisfied with the final look. We will be one of the only NHL teams that has ever worn a grey color pattern. It’s in line with some of the most popular jerseys our fans have asked for over the years and the chrome logo is a perfect fit for our silver crown. We think our team and fans will really enjoy this jersey for one of the most historic games in our history,” said Kings Chief Operating Officer Kelly Cheeseman.

Dodger Stadium will host it’s first hockey game ever on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. PT, as the Kings will play host to the Ducks in their first outdoor game.



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