Division Rivals Swap Infielders, Angels Send Alberto Callaspo To The Athletics For Grant Green

Division rivals swapped good utility infielders, as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim sent third baseman and middle infield specialist, Alberto Callaspo, to the Oakland Athletics for Grant Green tonight.

Callaspo was pulled from tonight’s Angels game against the Texas Rangers at start the bottom of the fifth, and the rumors shot through social media quickly. It didn’t take very long until we found out he was being sent about an nine hour bus ride north to Oakland.

Callaspo in my eyes is about as sure a thing you can get. His glove is great, but not overly flashy. He isn’t going to be a gold glover, but he’s going to get the job done. His bat is similar. He lacks power and isn’t going to hit a ton of home runs for you, but he’s going to hit right around .275 (.273 career batting average), which will bring runs in late in your batting order.

Grant Green grew up in Fullerton, which is the city on the opposite side of the street Angel Stadium is located. The local talent had a rough start in his 16 Major League plate appearances this season, his debut season. 0-for-16 with six strikeouts isn’t exactly the way you’d like to start your Major League career, but I did see some things that made the kid standout a little more. Through the minors, Green’s OPS (on base percentage, plus slugging percentage) has only gotten better and better, and this season is standing at .879, and has a minor league career .823 OPS.

elson was removed from the Salt Lake Bees triple-A game right around the same time Callaspo was pulled from the Angels game, so you can imagine he’ll be heading back to the big club over the night. It also opens up space for the Angels to trade Howie Kendrick or Erick Aybar, if the Angels plan to use Green immediately.

Many critics have said this trade is the Angels throwing in the “white flag” for the season. Many see the white flag as a symbol of surrendering in war, but some see it in a different way. When a race car driver sees a white flag, he is going to make one last big run to win the race, whether he is the leader, or behind the leader. Whether is out of gas, might run out of gas, or has a full tank. The Angels aren’t leading and may look like they’re out of gas, but there’s still a lot of season left, and you never know who will be leading coming out of the metaphorical turn four at the end of the race. 


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