Los Angeles Dodgers Yasiel Puig Sued By Cuban Man For $12 Million

Yasiel Puig has done it all, literally. Puig is back in the news, this time for things that are happening off the field. The Los Angeles Dodgers rookie outfielder is being sued for $12 million by a man in Cuba.

Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot claims that Puig made false accusations that lead to a seven-year prison sentence for Corbacho Daudinot. Corbacho Daudinot is currently still in Cuba, but the suit was filed in federal district court in Florida. The suit filed notes that Corbacho Daudinot was subjected to “prolonged arbitrary detention and torture” after a human-trafficing trial in 2010, based highly on Puig’s escape from Cuba.

Corbacho Daudinot claims he had not helped Puig try and defect from Cuba, and that Puig complied with the prosecution, to attain good terms with the Cuban government.

Puig’s agent, Jaime Torres, told The Los Angeles Times that, “this is not something we’re going to comment about,” but did note that Puig was aware of the situation and has hired a lawyer.

We’ll have to see how this effects Puig’s play on the field, but he has had off-field set backs prior to this, and done fine handling them. Puig’s “off-field problems” were a big set back for Major League teams looking to sign him prior to his deal with the Dodgers last season.



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