Fresno State Football: Quick Look at Heisman Hype for Derek Carr

Don’t blame me for starting the hype too early.  The damage was done back in late April when Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr was named to the 2013 Heisman Pundit/ Heisman Trophy Watch List.

The hype machine is already humming along. Heck, the University is on board, Fresno State has already launched a national Heisman campaign for Carr.  So why can’t I join the fun?

It’s been a while since fans have been able to look forward to a Bulldog competing for the Heisman. The last time Bulldog fans had a Heisman hopeful was in 2001 when Derek’s older brother David Carr entered the 2001 season.  Big Brother finished fifth in the Heisman trophy voting that year.

Derek would mean no disrespect to his brother, but I’m sure he would want to push the envelope a bit and one-up his sibling and be the first Fresno State Bulldog to bring home the statue.

Derek is very humble and probably would deflect any Heisman type questions back to him relying on his team in order for him to be successful.  That’s alright, it’s my job to hype No. 4 anyway.

A player doesn’t win the Heisman based on the previous years numbers.  Like I said though, the hype started in April, so last year is all we have for now.

Carr was the Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year in 2012.  The quarterback’s 4,104 passing yards and 37 touchdowns against seven interceptions made certain of that.  In case you didn’t know, Carr played the entire 2012 season with a sports hernia. So take a glance at those numbers once again.  A bit more impressive now, are they not?

Carr might tell us he has bigger fish to fry, like winning a second consecutive conference title and leading his team to a BCS Bowl game for the first time..  Carr is a team first guy and those may be his goals (in that order) fans and media alike would have no reason to believe otherwise.

So why not shoot for the moon Bulldog fans?

It’s not crazy talk to think that Carr and the Bulldogs can complete the tasks listed above and still have Derek hoisting the Heisman in December.

In fact, winning the conference title and reaching a BCS Bowl may be necessary for Carr to have a chance to be sitting among college football’s elite this Winter.

With the season opener over two months away, I will turn the hype machine off for now. But, if the Dogs’ quarterback starts the season on a high note, which he will need to do to stay relevant in the Heisman race, I will pull the cord and crank it back up.